My First Newsletter!

Hello and welcome to this my first world premier newsletter!

To be honest I have felt a bit reluctant to the Idea of writing a newsletter, thinking, “What can I possibly say that would be of any interest o anyone?”  But then I said to my self -just take the first step and then the wheel will start to roll by itself.

Exactly that same way is how this “business” if you can call it so started.

I took a very small step and then I was on the road.

The Idea I had from the beginning was to make a BIG web-shop with the finest and most selected art and craft from good craftsmen that I know.I was going to call it And promote the artisans and their products with videos. But you know, again that negative thinking “Will I be interesting enough on camera to engage people?” Only one way to find out!

 So I made my first video ever just to see how I would look on the camera and posted it on the Bodhran Expert Platinum Membership private facebook group, and the response was immediately People started asking if I made the necklace, if I took orders, If I could make a copy of their instrument an so on.  The video is not very long like 30 seconds, but it definitely proved that my initial Idea could have worked.. Just that I have been so busy making those mini instruments for everyone J

 Which make me think of a quote from Tolkien’s the fellowship of the ring.

 ”You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to”

 Well I am very pleased to be on this “road” writing this newsletter to you.

 And now to some news no? (Isn’t that why it’s called newsletter?)

 I have updated the portfolio on the website with some new items, most of them custom made, but some of them are still for sale! I have a bouzouki, some flutes, a piano accordion, a very nice violin and even an F-style mandolin and all the bodhrans of course! So hurry you are still on time to shop your Christmas presents. And if you order before the 24 of December I will send a little extra Christmas present, a pair of earrings in shape of a G clef!

Hope you have a lovely holiday!


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