These beautiful people are some of my happy customers :)

Blanca from "Boys of the hill"

Dom Keogh

4 Responses to Pics

  1. Dean Bailey says:

    Hi Anna, great to see you have your website up, congratulations ! I love the bodhran and Whistle you made for me. Lookin forward to receiving the diving helmets any day now.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Dean, glad to hear that, i hope your whistle teacher will like it to. Let me know when the Kirbys arrive. :)

  2. BJ Naple says:

    Anna, this is all really wonderful. I’ll send a photo of my lovely bracelet and drum. The mandolin in the Fimoshop is charming. I know a player and I’ll pass on your website.


    • Anna says:

      Lovely BJ, looking forward to see the pic, I´ll put it up among my “happy client” Thanks for spreading the word. :)

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